Nour Project

The Nour Project

Nour, meaning light in Arabic and pomegranate in Armenian, is the project created by Georges Kazazian and Tigrane Kazazian, born in Yerevan, Armenia, in autumn 2017.

Composers and musicians Georges Kazazian and Tigrane Kazazian have joined their spirits to create the Nour project. The Nour Project is an intimate dialogue between two ouds, a father and his son. More than anything, a tribute to the universal language of our world, the power of music, fueled by the passionate mastery and mystical approach of both Georges and Tigrane Kazazian. A bridge between cultures, an emotional connection, and a way to revive our ancestors’ wisdom and beauty. 

Nour is a dialogue between two string instruments, the oud, warm and powerful in its colors and tonalities, the king of instruments in the Arab world, and present in Armenian culture for centuries. It is a dialogue between father and son, a privileged look into an intimate conversation. 

The Nour Project also symbolizes the meeting between two artists who have finally come together through their art, since Georges Kazazian has had a lifetime of music-making, while Tigrane started music on his own, never taught by his father, and living on different continents for the past 15 years. Despite the distance, the musical heritage was passed on in mysterious ways. 

Nour is a journey into the world of sounds, imagination, movement, feelings, and awareness. The music is a fragile balance between compositions and improvisations. The colors develop from traditional to contemporary music, passing along several traditions, cultures, and civilizations that have marked the world and their hearts. Tigrane and Georges Kazazian imagine, compose, and share their free and universally relatable music, simple and yet holding infinite layers of interpretations.

The Nour project is composed by Georges Kazazian and Tigrane Kazazian and some tracks are the outcomes of a mutual composition between Georges and Tigrane Kazazian, in Yerevan and Cairo, 2016. The various pieces such as The Dance of Fire, Ballade Andalouse, Dancing Flowers, Moving Sands, Nour, and Joya aim to accompany the listener in a journey of introspection.

Georges Kazazian

Georges Kazazian
Georges Kazazian

Georges Kazazian, born in Cairo, Egypt, of Armenian origin, has been composing and performing for more than thirty years. His music has been described by a critic as a “sensual and refined alchemy of sounds”.

In a fragile balance between written compositions and improvisation, his warm timbered music, rich in colors and tonalities, nourished with influences born from his personal story and encounters throughout the world, draws an inner path to travel, expressed through his instrument, the oud. He plays it with a unique and caressing touch.

Kazazian shed light, in an innovative way, on traditional Egyptian instruments, which have been accompanying him since his debut, weaving elegant, profound, and sophisticated conversations. Later, he added other instruments such as the accordion, cello, guitar, and piano.

Georges Kazazian has collaborated with great musicians such as Pedro Soler and Shiv Kumar Sharma, master of the Indian santoor, and has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals around the world. He has also composed soundtracks for the classics of Egyptian cinema, as well as French and Armenian films. 

Today, it is with the Nour project that he continues his collaboration with Tigrane Kazazian, a musical dialogue between father and son.

Zig Zag, Cairo -2017