“Discernment and focus are two of the most essential qualities that can accompany us towards fulfilling our dreams. Discernment in order to create what we focus on, and focus to realize our inspirations. The full circle repeating itself endless times, symbolizing the divine energy, its magical process, and the endless possibilities of becoming.”



Tigrane Kazazian, born at the foot of The Giza Pyramids in 1987 in Egypt, is a French and Armenian composer, multi-instrumentalist, (oudist – pianist – singer) who has journeyed through several traditions of the world. 

Kazazian expresses himself through the oud, whose sound, gentle and powerful, has been present in his life since he was born. At six years old he would draw his father’s instrument, the oud. Fifteen years later, while listening to his father’s works, he discovered his own musical language and talent to compose. Later on, he also started composing and performing on the piano. Oud and piano, two instruments he feels in complete harmony with and uses to share the messages and emotions he creates.


He moved from Egypt at the age of 17 years old to spend a year in France and returned to Cairo to study at the American University of Cairo from 2005 to 2006. In 2007, Tigrane Kazazian flew to Montreal, Canada, where he studied Political Science at Concordia University. Kazazian started playing the oud at 19 years old, after experiments on the guitar. 

Self-taught, he continued his musical journey by moving to Yerevan, Armenia in October 2012 to attend the National Conservatory of Yerevan. In 2016, Tigrane and his father, renowned composer-oud player Georges Kazazian joined forces for a series of concerts organized by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, which gave birth to Project Nour, blending Georges Kazazian’s widely acclaimed compositions with Tigrane Kazazian’s creations. 



In 2018, Tigrane Kazazian created the Kazazian Trio, along with Duduk Master Arsen Petrosyan and worldwide known percussionist Eduard Harytyunyan. Kazazian’s powerful compositions come to life in a minimalistic, yet full-of-essence shape and form. The chemistry and musical understanding shared are deeply innovative, giving birth to a unique musical experience. 



From Oriental sounds to Western avant-garde soundscapes, Kazazian’s music transcends cultures and traditions. The piano, oud, and vocals join forces for a  mystical conversation with the self. Sounds of sadness and joy exploring the spectrum of human emotions and expression in a free and universal way. 





Cafesjian Center For The Arts – 2019

Ulikhanyan – 2018

Cairo Opera House – Cairo, Egypt – 2017

Zig Zag Club – Cairo, Egypt – 2017

Komitas Chamber Music House – Yerevan, Armenia – 2016

Cafesjian Center for the Arts – Yerevan, Armenia – 2016

HAYP Pop Up Gallery –Yerevan, Armenia – 2016

Stop Club – Yerevan, Armenia – 2016

Armenian Auditorium – Jerusalem, Israel – 2015

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Festival– Yerevan, Armenia – 2015