Tigrane Kazazian, born at the foot of The Giza Pyramids in 1987 in Egypt, is a French and Armenian composer, oud player, and singer.

He has journeyed through several traditions of the world, from Egypt to France, Canada and Armenia. In 2017, the Nour Project was created with his father, renowned oud player and composer Georges Kazazian. In 2018, Tigrane Kazazian formed the Kazazian Trio and in 2022, the Tigrane Kazazian Quartet. 

In 2020, Tigrane Kazazian released the album Cairo Nights with Gum (Green United Music and Sony Music- KPM – MYMA)

On May 26, 2023, Kazazian released the new album Still Love in collaboration with French Label L’Horizon Violet, distributed by Absilone. A summer tour is in preparation, with concerts in Switzerland, Sweden, France, and more dates to be added soon. 

Tigrane Kazazian Quartet

In 2022, Tigrane Kazazian formed the Tigrane Kazazian Quartet. The Quartet held its first concerts during the Francophonie days in Armenia. Tigrane Kazazian also collaborates with Swiss composer-musician Albin Brun, French singer-songwriter BlauBird, and French violinist, composer, and founder of the band Les Yeux Noirs Olivier Slabiak. 

Nour Project

“Out of oblivion, a single string stretches to eternity. Its lonely sound swells as the soul travels beyond name, nation, and country. Tigrane Kazazian’s music is his heritage and gift to the world. ” Vicky Melkonian – Hetq