Tigrane Kazazian, born at the foot of The Giza Pyramids in 1987 in Egypt, is a French and Armenian composer, multi-instrumentalist, oudist, pianist, and singer.


He has journeyed through several traditions of the world, from Egypt to France, Canada and Armenia. In 2017, he launched the Nour Project with his father, renowned oud player and composer Georges Kazazian. In 2018, Tigrane Kazazian formed the Kazazian Trio and in 2022, the Tigrane Kazazian Quartet. 


In 2020, Tigrane Kazazian released the album Cairo nights with Gum (Green United Music) the exclusive label and publisher. 

Upcoming Concerts 

Nour Project

Nour, meaning light in Arabic and pomegranate in Armenian, is the project created by Georges Kazazian and Tigrane Kazazian, born in Yerevan, Armenia, in autumn 2017.

Nour project is a journey into the world of sounds, imagination, and movement. The music is a fragile balance between composition and improvisation. The colors develop from traditional to contemporary music. However, it is difficult to describe the music with words, listening tells all.



La Danse du Vent – Wind dance

Kazazian Trio

Kazazian Trio performs Tigrane Kazazian’s compositions, accompanied by renowned percussionist Eduard Harutyunyan and duduk player Arsen Petrosyan. The music draws upon an eclectic spectrum of influences and meditative soundscapes made of a subtle blend between improvisations and clear compositions, keeping the audience captivated throughout by the rhythms variations, and the energy flow between the three musicians.