Kazazian Trio & Quartet

Tigrane Kazazian Quartet

In 2022, Tigrane Kazazian formed the Tigrane Kazazian Quartet. The Quartet held its first three concerts within the Francophonie Organization in Armenia. Tigrane Kazazian also collaborated with Swiss composer-musician Albin Brun in a concert celebrating the 30 years of Diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Armenia. In Yerevan, Armenia on April 21, 2022. 

Kazazian Trio

Kazazian Trio performs Tigrane Kazazian’s compositions, accompanied by renowned percussionist Eduard Harutyunyan and duduk player Arsen Petrosyan. The music draws upon an eclectic spectrum of influences and meditative soundscapes made of a subtle blend between improvisations and clear compositions, keeping the audience captivated throughout by the rhythms variations, and the energy flow between the three musicians.